Oct 9, 2008

Bye bye Magna

God is very good and gracious to us. We have been freaking out for a while, with the threat of losing our home being very real to us. 2 weeks before the deadline and drastic action, our prayers have been answered.

A man rang yesterday about our car - but since I was out bush with no reception, I couldn't speak to him until this morning. He came to see the car tonight. He took it around the block. He opened his wallet and made an offer. We tried to get him $500 higher - but only suceeded with $200. Never mind. We were just so greatful to sell the car and survive. Shook hands, he handed over a deposit and drove on home.

I was chatting to his wife while the test drive was happening, and we were doing the Mum chats and talking about "stuff". The cost of living came up and she complained about the cost of groceries and making ends meet. I commented that we struggle with that too.

Anyway, about an hour later my phone rings. It's the guy who is buying our car. His wife had a chat to him I think - he felt terrible for talking us down and wanted to give us the amount we asked for.

My jaw literally dropped to my chest and I almost choked. WHAT?? I tried to tell him that we were happy with the deal we made - but he insisted on giving us the full amount.

We are just so blessed!!

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