Oct 15, 2008

Nanny is the best!

Look at Milly smoodging my Mum would you?? Just moments before Mum had walked in the door, and Milly saw her and crawled as fast as her little arms and legs could move straight towards her. Then started "cuddling" her Nanny.

Nanny is also the best because Mop has been not doing her bookwork very neatly at school and also has been in a right strop and been speaking rudely and disrespectfully to me. So... we are using the incentive of going to Nanny's for a play day if she can do her book work neatly. Today her bookwork was excellent. :) And if she is well behaved all well then Nanny will take her to BB's for a "coffee" - so far I haven't heard one word of rudeness or narkiness. Ahhh I love blackmail.


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