Oct 20, 2008

It's just not our day.

Last night the drains packed up. Literally. We had water running down our hall way. Water ankle deep in the shower. It just wouldn't drain away. The toilets don't flush well. I pity the plumber when he gets here. LOL
I had to shower at Mum's this morning, because I didn't want to cause a flood. Ah well. Lucky Mum didn't mind.

So we now await the plumber. Hopefully he can sort it out asap.

Yesterday I had a horrible Mummy moment. It was 2:30pm - I thought to myself, "right in half an hour I need to go pick up Mop." Then I got engrossed in hunting around for some scrapping stuff for my brother and SIL's Christmas present. WELL... 3:36 pm I look at the clock again and scream in horror! I run out the door, screeched up the road and run into the school, absolutely mortified!! I find Mop sitting folornly in the front office.
She saw me come in and jumped off the chair, relief in her face - "Mummy!! I didn't think you were coming!!" she said to me. I wanted to cry. I felt so bad. I was terribly late. Half an hour late!! Mop understood what happened and didn't hold it against me. Later that afternoon when we went food shopping, we ran into Mop's teacher. Mop explained why I was late and seemed to think it rather funny. I was so embarressed and really upset about it. That won't be happening again any time soon!! I am watching the clock now as we speak - 2:53pm - I need to leave in 7 minutes.

Last night Milly woke up crying. Today we discovered why. Her two front teeth have broken through her gums and they are finally out. Thank goodness. Her nappy rash has been horrible. That will clear up now her teeth are out.

E is not well. He is off to the doctors this afternoon with DH who is also as crook as a dog. E seems to have an ear infection. He's flat, moody, grumpy and yesterday he didn't want to walk around, he wanted to be carried. Oh and he snuggled up on me for a cuddle and a rock - twice!! He hasn't done that in ages. It's kinda nice when he is all snuggly.
DH has some horrible virus, which knocked him out for 2 days. I've never known a person to sleep for 2 days and 2 nights. Poor little/big guys.

I need to leave in 4 minutes.

I'm doing really well with Christmas preparations. If you check out my craft blog you will see what I am up to and what is being made. Pete and Deb's clock is mostly made, just need embellishments.

I went to Gawler with Mum yesterday and guess what we found? A quilting store!! I was in heaven!! They have beautiful fabrics that I can't wait to get my hands on. First things first - Christmas present making and E's quilt.

Right, I need to go.

Catchya later

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