Oct 9, 2008

Toilet training has commenced

As of 10am this morning, E will no longer be wearing nappies during the day (unless he needs to while we are out) and is now the proud wearer of jocks/training pants.

We have a sticker chart, a Zoo Poo book and a box of jelly beans to reward the poos.

So far today this is how it went:

1. Full wee in his pants
2. Half a poo in his pants - finished the rest in the toilet, and was horrified with the mess.
3. 10 seconds after a new pair of pants, he weed again.
4. A dribble in his pants and a rush to the toilet
5. No dribble in his pants, and a "Mummy, Toilet!" and rushed off.

Will see how it progresses...
I remember it took AGES for Mop to toilet train so no hopes of having him trained by the end of the week or anything. LOL

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