Oct 12, 2008

Progress report....

Well I am settling back into life slowly. I am enjoying being relaxed and doing things as I do them - and not killing myself to get them done. We are unpacked, the clothes are washed and life is resuming as usual. I plan to go on a shopping trip with Mum tomorrow - the poor old girl was sick the whole time I was away so didn't get out much.

We are on day 3 of E's toilet training and I am really happy with how he is going. After the rough start on Friday, we have had 2 accidents since then. One yesterday - which was at the shops and I think because he didn't know where he could go to the toilet. And today he pooped in his pants, because he is scared of pooing in the toilet. He says when he needs to go and runs straight there. This is brilliant!! I guess my ignorance of training and the pressure I felt from certain people wondering why she wasn't trained at 6 months old made it a hard and long job.

We went to Big Dub and bought E some Bob and Thomas jocks. He is very proud of them. I caught him today at nap time getting them all out of his drawer and lining them all up. Very cute.

Mop starts school again tomorrow - term 4. She's excited. She no longer has Wednesdays off so it will be full time school for the girl.

Milly Moo is going to be the death of me. At 10 months old she is a climber. She pulls herself up on furniture - and starts doing the splits because she is slipping - but will she let go?? NOOOO... LOL She chucks a fit if you don't let her climb all over the couch and try and launch herself off. Silly girl... but ever so cute.

Well I better go... :)


Epiphany said...

Ah, lining up his jocks. Nice and neat. Good boy, Mummy will be pleased.

As for Miss Milly Moo, where do you think she got that stubborn independent streak?? HMMM???

Skipper said...

You wouldn't believe it, but Daz is REALLY stubborn!! LOL I still claim the kids are stubborn like him. :)