Dec 10, 2009

Toothless Fairy


Mop came in, complaining that her tooth was really wobbly and annoying her.
"Pull it out then" I said - not very sympathetically I might add.
She looked at me, her voice starting to wobble, tears threatening to spill.
"Will it hurt?"
"A little bit." I replied.
"How do I do it?"
"Well... " and I tried to explain
"Can you do it?" she asked

Ahhh my specialty! I used to pull my brother's teeth for them when I was a kid. I sent her off to get some tissues - to her horror, to mop up the blood.

She opened her mouth, trustingly.
I looked at the tooth, and felt a tad queasy. What was wrong with me?? It was very loose.
"Try pushing it back a bit"
So she did.
Her eyes widened. I saw a little blood spill onto her lip, a second later she laid on my palm a slightly bloodied milk tooth. She did it!! She rinsed her mouth out then came back to claim the tooth. She pulled her own first tooth out, she didn't cry and she's excited about the cash that is coming her way!!!

She's very proud of her gap!! She's walking around the house now bearing her teeth for all to see!
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Shelli said...

LOL! Miss A currently has her second wobbly tooth and it's SO ready to come out but she won't pull it out or let me touch it. She's driving me crazy wanting only food she can chew with her back teeth. The first one came out on a cob of corn - shame she didn't fall for that twice ;) Yay Mop, that first one is very exciting!
PS: You pulled your brother's out? Far out, mine wouldn't have let me anywhere near his mouth! ROFL!

Car said...

Awww - her first tooth to fall out, did you cry?
After all the dramas we've had growing Miss K's baby teeth - I think I'd be a balling sobbing wreck LOL

So how much does the tooth fairy do these days?

Renata said...

Loosing your first tooth is definitely a momentous occasion! Now she just needs to loose another one & she can sing "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!"
Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Renata :)