Dec 30, 2009

2010 is but a heartbeat away

Hello everyone!!

In just over 7 hours, 2010 will be upon us. I am excited! I always love a New Year. I am just hoping and praying that 2010 will be alot better than 2009 was for us.

I always have New Years Resolutions - and almost always keep them. The only one I seem to never get around to doing is losing weight. Meh... I'm past caring at this point. Yes, I am fat. I don't have the energy to deal with that at the moment. I am not going to actively try this year.

What I AM going to try and do is:

The drought and lack of time has made our garden look terrible! Our lawn is in terrible shape, and the kids are now having to deal with prickles and weeds and rock hard lawns, instead of the green, lush and softness under their feet. So Daz and I are going to be focussing on making our lawns amazing. I dont' plan on watering them anymore, I'll continue to use grey water, but I plan to condition the lawn. I want our yard to look amazing in the lawn department!!

This year I want to buy the bare minimum on fabric and start using up my meagre stash. I want to put as much money as possible into paying for our swimming pool that EJ needs - and if that means sacrificing in other areas, I'll do it. I'll still be sewing and creating, but I'll be using up my scraps and fabric stash. I have a list of projects to do on Creative Expressions which I can't wait to get stuck into. :)

This is a perfect waste of time. My new rule is that I don't go on it at all until the housework is done and my uni-work is done. Not before. I seem to check it alot and then end up sitting there for half an hour looking around on FB - when really I should be spending my time more profitably. What does looking around FB acheive? Does it change the world? No. It's a waste of life.

I have an amazing camera. Why not learn to use it well? I want to take amazing photos, not just happy snaps. I want to be good at photography. So I want to learn to use my camera and learn the art of taking good photos.

Have a very happy new year, lets hope that 2010 is an amazing year for all of us!

xx Skipper


Car said...

Love your resolutions :)

I am with you on the less time on facebook and or internet ;)

Should join you on fabric ban, but I just can't do it LOL... (shocking hey!)

Happy New Year to you, DH & the kiddies!

Colleen said...

hun i didn't know you were on facebook. OMG can we be friends? ;)

I am loving your new blog layout also. :)