Dec 14, 2009

History does indeed repeat itself.

Mop came running into me, panic in her voice, tears threatening to spill:
"Mummy! My tooth has gone down the sink!!!"

I snorted.
I giggled.
I laughed.
I roared.

She started to cry.

I laughed even more.

I'm not evil I promise.

"Can you get my tooth???"

Seriously, 24 years earlier another little girl came running into HER Mummy crying - "My tooth fell down the sink!! Can you get it!!"
And HER unsympathetic Mother suggested she call "Sue Ridge" (Sewerage for those not accustomed to the corny jokes that come from this particular mother.)

Both little girls lost their tooth down the drain. Both little girls cried. Both little girls are mother and daughter.

"I was trying to wash it!!" protested Mop as she walked away, very sad that her first tooth had gone down the drain forever.


Renata said...

Oh your poor daughter...but it is too funny that it had happened to you as well!

Mousey said...

rofl My DD just lost her first tooth as well... she swallowed it ;)

Skipper said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Mousey, your girl must have been horrified!!!! That's soooo funny!