Dec 21, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Yesterday I turned the big 31.

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I had such a lovely day! In the morning I woke to the sounds of my 2 year old chattering at the top of her lungs in excitement - in came Daz with the kids. Mop had made me breakfast - which consisted of toast and marmalade. She made it - all by herself!! I could get used to this!! LOL. Daz brought in my coffee. Milly handed me by card and EJ and Daz gave me a bag of lovely gifts: a new Sims game, the latest book by Paulina Simmons (my FAVE author!!), a beautiful watch with a pink band and a silver and pink butterfly in the face, and a new purse.

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I got a barrage of text messages from friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. Then Robynne dropped in with her kids, giving me a big BEAUTIFUL bunch of pink gerberas and birthday cake. Later in the afternoon my Mum and Dad dropped in with three storage boxes for my craft room, with all sorts of bits and bobs, individually wrapped inside. I got bath stuff, smelly stuff, fat quarters (which I am secretly screaming on the inside with sheer excitement because these will make up a gorgeos quilt for myself see HERE for more about that.) and other things. Milly has taken a liking to my slippers that came in the box and I keep finding them in various places in the house.

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Then in the evening Kym and Scott came for a BBQ dinner which Daz cooked - I prepared the salads - and we hung out with them over some beautiful wine and board games! Kym bought me a birthday cake - a chocolate mud decadent melt in your mouth cake! Yummm!! They made me laugh so hard my stomach was cramping. It was such a wonderful evening.

So over all, it was a wonderful birthday! I had a very happy day. Even though I felt like I had razor blades in my throat - I still had a wonderful and happy day!

So that's that over.... bring on Christmas!!


Shelli said...

Ooooh, happy birthday Skip! I'm so glad you had an awesome day, you do deserve it.
Much love to you

alliecat said...

Happy birthday for yesterday! Sounds like you were spoilt as you are meant to be!

Renata said...

Happy Happy Birthday!
Sounds like you had a lovely time!
Dave had his birthday last saturday - he was 31 as well!