Dec 24, 2009

Not exactly dinner conversation...

Tonight we had dinner with Daz's parents celebrating Christmas. Within ten seconds of sitting to the table, EJ spilled his drink all over himself and all over the table and all over the floor. He was horrified poor child. Luckily Grandma got him some cool new clothes, so we stripped him down and got him into clean clothes and back to the table again. 10 minutes later Grandma knocked Grandpa's drink over, and EJ thought that was hillarious!!

Anyway... my point.....

At the end of the meal, EJ was slowing considerably. He had eaten a big tea, a big bowl of Christmas pudding icecream and was finishing off his cheesecake. Grandpa asked him if he was kitty's bow (which means full up to the neck) EJ didn't know what that meant, but he said he was full.
"Full up to the top?" Grandma asked
"Yes, up to my neck!" EJ said. Then proceded to say: "But it will go into my tummy then fall out the bottom!"

Grandma looked at me, her eyes twinkling. I snorted and sputtered, trying to swallow the bubbles of uncontrollable laughter rising in my throat. She went red, trying not to laugh. I started laughing silently - well... more like wheezy laughing. Grandma cacked herself. I cacked myself. Daz stared at us in confusion, since he had missed the comment and tried to work out what we were laughing at. We laughed harder and harder... finally Grandma managed to say, inbetween squeals of laughter what he had said. EJ looked at us as if we were nuts.

I love how kids think!!

Will be back next week with Christmas '09, but right now I need to hit the hay. It's a big day tomorrow.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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