Dec 10, 2009

I shall be sharpening my knives....

Tonight as I was walking out of the building where the awards presentation evening was held, one of Mop's classmates came bounding up to her.
"Mop! Guess what?????"
Mop smiled, "What??"
"My brother LOVES you!!!!"

I glanced over at the boy who was grinning his toothless grin, and called out something to Mop. Where was the denial? Where was the punching his sister for telling such lies??? There was none! He just stood there grinning at her. He's got it bad.... a year three boy smitten with our Mop.

Daz in his usual dry humour asked how many cows will we get?

I mentally made a note to start equipping myself with skills on how to deter boys.


1 comment:

Car said...

Love the humour there LOL.

Did you find the sharpening block?