Jul 1, 2009

I see it!

Today we got out of the car after picking Mop up from school. I let Milly out of the car and let her toddle off to the front door. I was busy unloading Mop from the back of the car, making sure she had her bag and whatnot. I then notice that Milly has stopped dead in her tracks and was looking up at the sky.

"Moon!" she exclaimed "I see it!"

This was the first time she had seen the moon in the sky and not a picture in one of her books or on her roof with her light mobile thing.

She was so excited and filled with such awe and she continued to stare at it, her eyes wide. "I see it!" she kept saying.

Finally she dragged her eyes away and followed me into the house, an expression of the WOW factor still on her face. "Moon! Sky! I see it!"


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