Jul 3, 2009

Sucked in!

Tonight I left EJ to eat his dinner while I got the girls out of the bath. I told Mop to pull out the plug. I handed her the towel and she dashed into her bedroom, wrapped in her pink towel, eager to get her warm PJ's on.

I got Milly out, and then a really loud sucking noise from the water going down the drain resonated through the house. I heard a chair scrape, and there appeared EJ, eyes wide, face panicked.


He peered into the bathroom, "WHERE'S MOP????"

I said she was in her bedroom - EJ looked down the hall but couldn't see her. He looked back at me, his face was so anxious and I knew exactly what he was thinking. He thought his sister had been sucked into the bath drain. I could also tell he didn't believe me.

I called Mop's name. "Yes??" she yelled back.

Relief flooded this little boy's face. "Oh, she's in her room." - then he went back to his dinner.

I chuckled to myself, as I finished drying off Milly Moo. Funny boy! I love how he thinks. I love that he cared enough about his sister to be concerned that she had been sucked down the drain.

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Renata said...

My children were always scared that they would be sucked down the drain. If I ever wanted them to get out of the bath in a hurry I'd just pull the plug - unfortunately it doesn't work any more!