Jul 28, 2009

... on a cold and frosty morning

This morning Daz and the kids got up and went outside to this:

One end of the street: - where that light is in the middle of the fog, that is a school. :)

The other end of the street:

Last night Daz and I went outside - silly me went out without shoes on - and we watched the fog descend onto our street. The orange glow of the street lights looked eerie and out of some sort of murder mystery movie!

Today it's been drizzling all day, it's cloudy, it's cold and that's cool.
Because this morning this appeared....



The first blossom on our Cherry Blossom Tree. The sign to our household that winter is drawing to a close. I will have to remember to take a photo of the tree in full blossom - it's so beautiful!

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Renata said...

I love cherry blossom trees - they are so beautiful. We've been getting fogs lately as well- the day can start off so clear & then they come in thick & then clear just as quickly!