Mar 23, 2009

Watch out... Skip's having a brag!

I just had a very head swelling and heart soaring moment.

I went to pick up Mop from school and Mrs N (her teacher) asked me if she could have a word to me about Mop. My heart sunk - what on earth has she done now?? Mrs N cleared the room, kicking all the kids out onto the playground and asked me to sit down.
"What has she done??" I asked
"Oh nothing bad!" Mrs N said... somehow that didn't reassure me.
"I want to talk to you about how impressed I am with Mop's work. She is .... unbeliveable!"
I let the breath I had been holding out and my body slumped with relief.
Mrs N then went on to tell me that she has been giving Mop year 1 work more and more this term. Not only does she understand it and is capable of doing it, she does far and beyond what it asked. She showed me some examples. Her sentence formation is good. Her writing, spelling and reading is brilliant. She is in the words of Mrs N "A whizz and that girl is going places!! She is incredibly intelligent, and I believe she has a photographic memory. She really retains alot of information, and she doesn't just parrot it, she understands it!"
Mrs N then said that in all her years of teaching (all 7 of them! LOL) that she has never skipped a child forward, but she wants to move Mop forward. So she will be in year 1 next term and will go to year 2 with all the rest of the year 1's next year. Mrs N. will work with the Reception teacher to work out a program so that Mop will still graduate from Reception, even though she hasn't completed the work and graduate from year 1 at the end of this year.

I'm so proud of my girl!! She really is a smart little thing, and I am so glad that she will be challenged mentally and that she is succeeding in her work.

Daz and I have decided that this is the best course of action and of course we are very proud of her. So year 1 here we come!!


PS: This is the same daughter who was born in a very bad way, and the doctor said it was possible she would be brain damaged. :)

Such an awesome testimony to the power of prayer and God.


brazen's crafts said...

wow congrats!!!

Shelli said...

That's just awesome Skip! I would have burst into tears with pride, I'm teary now for you guys! What a clever girl. I'll ask Miss A the questions about Mum and blog when I get a chance. xoxo