Mar 8, 2009

The good times keep rolling...


Hope you are enjoying the long weekend - if you have one that is! We are doing alot of things that we have been putting off for a while. This is good, because we can get a few things done before we go away to QLD next month. I've been cleaning inside, and Daz doing the outside.

We are just about to sand back and paint our side tables that we got from Dunstone Grove Jumble Sale. I was so proud, I got both of them for $15. They are in awesome condition, just the wrong color. They are sturdy, steady and going to look great in our room!

It's been a nice weekend. We had a picnic yesterday in the park with the kids, and both my brother's and their wives rocked up, so we got to catch up with them.
I preached yesterday, and I totally sucked. I just didn't have the stuff in my head enough, and I fumbled and kept losing my place because I relied on my notes so much. Never mind... I'll be better next time. I guess I didn't have enough time to focus on it as I would have liked.

I'm stoked because yesterday I scored LOTS of fabric for free from Freecycle. Two ladies are cleaning out their stash and getting rid of it, and I am the happy recipient. I'll be able to sew and quilt up a storm! :) I'm planning to divy it up with Gail, since she is into sewing and perhaps quilting too... and she doesn't have money to blow on fabric.

Anyway... that's all. Nothing exciting.

Big week ahead filled with lectures, and assignment.

xx Skip

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