Mar 3, 2009

1 month today...

.... and we are taking off to QLD. Bec and Nick will be invaded by the Skipper Mob.

We can't wait.

Mop is hanging out to go to the Ginger Factory again so we can buy gingerbread.
Daz and I just can't wait to spend time with our dear friends and relax a bit.

While we are away, an old school friend of mine is housesitting for us. She lives in Darwin usually, but she is coming down to have her baby and needs a place to rest and relax after the event, and for her family to stay. Our place is perfect. It's got lots of baby stuff all ready for her to use. This is an awesome arrangement!

I guess I better start booking places to stay soon for on the way up and way home again and reviewing the packing lists - since Milly is no longer a baby and we don't need to take all that baby "stuff".

We are going away next weekend with friends to Renmark. Looking forward to that too. It will be nice to chillax and do nothing but make sure the kids have an awesome time. I hope to squeeze in a trip to the markets for me - but other than that... eh... it's about the kiddies.

Life is crazy busy lately, but I am just so content and happy with it. I love my course, I love creating stuff - it's actually becoming a bit of an addiction. I love my family and love my kids. They are all such treasures. Life is going well.

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