Mar 10, 2009

I think I'm scared now....

Ok, it's only been 4 weeks, but I am scared. I am doing my readings for uni, and seriously, I had to look up about 10 words per page in the dictionary!!

Do you know what ennui means? What about cabals? Oh you would have to know what rubric means!! And what about maladroit?

Now can you see why I am scared. This dude is tossing about words like this in his paper. And this is supposed to be an easy subject!!!

*crawls into a corner to cry*

Well... I guess I'll have an awesome vocab when I graduate. My words will be multiudionous.

And if you want to know what those words mean, is your friend - like it is mine!!!

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Melissa said...

You'll be fine, L. "Ennui" is one of my favourite words. It just so sums up how I feel some days. It's not 'sad' exactly. Just a bit flat. A bit...I don't know. Having said that, when I mention it here, my friends roll their eyes and look at me like a moron. :)