Jan 30, 2011

Off to School 2011

I'm sitting here... all alone. There is no noise. There is no chatter. There is nothing. I can hear myself breathing, that's how quiet it is. Why so quiet?

Today was the start of the school year. And all three darlings left their Mamma at home, while they are off getting some edumakation.  EJ started Reception today - he was confident walking into the school yard, he was happy to see his new teacher, he walked straight to his classroom and sat down at his desk. He was happy to see his cousin sitting across from him, and he was happy to sit down with all the other kids for floor time. I then said goodbye cheerfully and left him to it. I didn't want to spend time drawing out the goodbye, just in case it panicked him. And that was it. Bye bye EJ.

Then I took my youngest to her pre-school. She waltzed on into her classroom, waved goodbye to me and sent me on my way. And suddenly.. I was alone. All alone. No one to chat with, no one to play eye-spy with on the way home, no one to sing Old Macdonald with... in fact.. I listened to MY music and sang at the top of my lungs, without any little voices requesting we sing Twinkle Twinkle.

I am all alone. In 10 minutes, I will have to go back and pick Milly up from kindy... I've spent the whole first morning alone... blogging! :) What fun!

I just hope I get used to the silence...

Here are some pics of the morning...

Here is my big kindy girl.... just wanting to get going, and was pretty intolerant to Mama and her camera. I could her it in her voice when she said "CHEESE" through gritted teeth in THAT tone.

And here is my beautiful big boy - so excited and ready to go.

And all three heading towards the car.

Righto... in 3 minutes I need to go pick up Milly Moo. :) YAY!!!! Someone to play with!

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Renata said...

I cannot imagine how quiet it must be - of course the difference even one less makes is amazing, so no kids seems so ..... peaceful!
Hope they all are enjoying school. We are back into it this week - which means it's even noisier round here, but I love it that way!
Have a great day