Jan 16, 2011

I'll take you riding in my car....

Remember this disaster?

Well finally we have come out on top, got the blasted thing repaired.... and traded it in for a new one!
Well... not brand new... second hand... but new to us.

Here is our new broom broom.....


We pick it up when the leasing company get their act together. :)

Apart from the woodgrain interior, it's got amazing features including an in-built DVD player and air conditioning in the room for the kids. We can't wait to get it, so then we can start going on weekends away in our caravan once again. :)

I'm so glad the old car is gone and we can start again with this lovely broom broom!

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Renata said...

Very nice! I hope it goes really well for you all! Weekends away in the caravan sound like fun! We are going on our first camping trip next week (tenting) & I've thought how much better it would be to have a caravan. Hope the car goes really well & lasts for many years to come!