Jul 7, 2011

I can smile at the storm

Lately I've been teaching the kids all my old Sunday School songs - omitting Father Abraham because that is officially THE most annoying song on earth! Anyway, I taught them "With Christ in my Vessel, I can smile at the storm" complete with leaving out the words so they sing "With____ in my____ I can_____ at the________"

The other day a storm landed on us, thunder rumbled, the rain pelted down... it was pretty amazing. I was at the other end of the house, and Milly came running down to me, looking scared. She doesn't like storms. "Mummy!! It's storming!! It's raining and thundering and windy!" I tried to calm my girl down, seeing she was really worried about it. "Darling, we are inside, don't worry, we are safe here." She looked up at me with a crooked smile, "That's ok, because with Christ in my Vessel, I can smile at the storm" and off she went. :)

My prayer is that one day she will have Christ in her "vessel" and that she will have the same complete confidence in her Saviour.


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