Dec 5, 2010

3 years on...

Remember THIS??

Well 3 years on she has grown into a beautiful, sweet, kind, funny, imaginative, clever little poppet. Darling girl, we are so incredibly glad you are in our lives. You are a precious little lady and we love you dearly. Happy Birthday Milly Moo!!


The birthday celebrations started with her present from us - which was a huge dolls house - which she LOVED and refused to come to breakfast because she was too busy playing. We let that one slide. Then we dragged her away to go out into the stinking heat for the family birthday picnic. 2 of my nieces and Dad all had a birthday within the week so we decided to catch up then to celebrate all the birthdays. It was hot... too hot to stay long... so we came home for a swim in our pool - and Pete, Deb and the kids came back as well. Then the inlaws came over for a little while, until we popped 3 very exhausted children into bed.

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Renata said...

Happy Birthday to your precious Milly! What a beautiful girl she is - reminds me of you!
Glad you had a lovely time!
Have fun