Nov 30, 2010

Dear Lord....

...please protect my son from himself....


EJ is going through a very annoying stage.... he's stealing stuff. We gently tried to explain that he can't just help himself to stuff, he needs to ask. But crackdown HAD to happen when he handed me an empty bottle of 100 kids multi-vitamins (previously mostly full) and said we needed more "lollies". He had gone into the pantry and fossicked around the shelves and found them, took them outside and shared them with his baby sister!!!! Oh. My. GOODNESS!!! I nearly had a heart attack. I rang health direct pronto and we went through the ingredients. Thankfully there were no ingredients that were dangerous if they overdosed.... I have no idea how he knew what they were!!! Mop is the only one who has them, and only if she is run down.

I only got 15 new grey hairs that day.

Mum thought it was funny.
The Health Direct lady was chuckling.
I'm yet to find the funny side.


Melissa said...

That's some expensive pee he's going to have today! ;-)

It's hard when they're doing potentially dangerous things though. I had to do the unthinkable with Samuel just the other day. He will not leave my insulin alone. NO matter where I put them, he will pull chairs over and climb to get them.

So, to show him they were needles and hurt I (after getting a new lancet and setting it at the lowest level) gave him a finger prick test.

It was enough. He was outraged!

Hopefully you won't have to be that drastic.

Car said...

Oh dear. Very Scary for you Im sure...

I suppose you can only hope they have their fill of multi Vit. and won't be sick for a good 3 months ;)

Renata said...

Oh dear - thankfully it was something harmless, but it is always stressful when they begin to "help themselves". We have had issues with one of my sons with helping himself to food often - we had to talk about how it is stealing & how it is a sin & get him to repent & then ask for forgiveness everytime he took something - he's getting better with asking now.
Hope you have a great weekend