Sep 24, 2009

I know I shouldn't laugh....

.... but I can't help it!

Milly is a little drama queen. It's soooooo funny!! If she doesn't get her own way, she has the BEST sad face. She turns on the water works and.... WAAAAAHH!!! That works a treat for her soft ol Mum who starts crying too!!

Today Milly came up to me and kicked me - a stunt I think she learned from her rough tough big brother. I glared at her and told her very sternly that it was very naughty to kick. The expression on her face was CLASSIC!! Her lip dropped, her eyes went down to her feet, she started sniffing theatrically... now wait for it.... wait for it..... she squeezed her eyes shut tight and sniffed more. AND SHE SQUEEZED ONE SOLITARY TEAR from those big baby blues!!!

Keep it up babe, and you will get snapped up by Bold and the Beautiful! You will give Brooke a run for her money with that one tear!

I ignored it (though was killing myself laughing on the inside) and walked away from her. She followed me, sniffing loudly. I grabbed the camera to try and capture it - though she eased up at bit by the time I got it.


She's a funny little girl.

I also snapped this picture yesterday during naptime. She has been unwell with her eye-teeth coming through. Poor mite. But she loves this bunny, and is usually sleeping on top of her. Though today, Bunny's ear made the perfect eye mask.


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