Sep 8, 2009

Another week and what have I got to show for it??

Well I'll tell you....

1. Milly is now in a Big Girl Princess bed... and she is not interested whatsoever in getting back into the cot. We've set it up in her room and we are gradually changing that room from the nursery into her own little space.

2. I've been working on a few creative projects, and have finally finished a project that has been a dream/idea for a few years. I put the words to "I love a sunburnt country" onto some of our photos we have taken of various places in Australia. I'm just about to send them off to get printed. I'm really happy with how they look. I want to hang them around our meals area as a conversational piece... not that we are lacking in conversation!!!

3. EJ has seen a speech pathologist AND the Occupational therapist and he coped really well there. They both had student helpers from various uni's and they played with him and made his experience fun and exciting for him. At least getting into the room isn't going to be so terrifying for him anymore. Especially if he knows that playdoh and sand tables are in the rooms!!

4. I've been spring cleaning. It's always a good feeling to get rid of the winter grime and throw open doors and windows and embrace the spring.

5. I got 96% on my test!! I have another one on Friday - I better knuckle down and study!! :)

6. Father's day was lovely. We did most of our celebrations the day before because Sunday is insane for us. We hung out with my family for a lunch and just relaxed. Daz got spoiled rotten with lots of gifts from the kids and I. He's now the yummy smelling man wearng Joop. :) Mmmmmmm!!!

That's it!! Not bad eh??

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