Aug 13, 2011

I love you...

I took Milly to the ladies while we were at the shops. While we were in the cubicle I whispered to her: "Psssst. Milly! I love you!"
Milly looked and grinned mischeviously "I love you bigger!"

Me: I love you bigger than that!
Milly: I love you bigger than this toilet
Me: I love you bigger than this room!
Milly: I love you bigger than the shops!
Me: I love you bigger than our country!
Milly.... *brief pause* I love you bigger than your bottom!!!


It was a good place to nearly wet yourself laughing I spose. Ahhh she's a sweetheart!! Taking after her sister I suppose who when she was little was looking at her backside in the mirror..

"Mummy, I have a little bottom.... but you have a BIIIIIIGGG bottom"

thanks girls.


Car said...

hand over mouth *giggle-giggle* sorry to laugh at your expense Skip ;) they do say the funniest things and oh so honestly... If it makesyou feel at all better, my DD came over and pushed my boobs skyward and said something to the tune of, now they arent hanging down anymore mum.....

tinkster said...

I love it when they say things like that, the biggest backhanded compliment there is

Melissa said...

Not laughing....honest!

Ok.I guess that's not *quite* honest. :D

Pretty adorable.

Colleen said...

That's so adorable. :)