Jan 2, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Christmas and the New Year have been and gone. I'll give you the last week in December in bullet points and in a nutshell.

  • Had a nice Christmas Eve with the inlaws. We went out for dinner to the Midway Tavern. Ameliah projectile vommitted all over me before we left when she was pooping. LOL
  • Christmas morning we had a lovely relaxed breakfast then got the kids to open their presents.
  • Elijah chucked a few wobblies because he was over Christmas before it even began!! LOL
  • Mop had a wonderful time and enjoyed all her new things.
  • Milly-Moo slept alot.
  • Christmas lunch was with my family and it was just wonderful. Everyone loved the food and the set-up.
  • Mop gashed her head open on the bedside table when she was spinning on her bed. Don't ask. She came out with a huge deep gash and I totally freaked. The waiting time at the hosptial was too long so we called a locum. For about half an hour I was shaking her alot, trying to keep her awake. In the end the locum did come, her sleepiness had worn off and he slapped a bandaid on and left. :S
  • For the week after Christmas we went to Marion Bay for a mini-family holiday. My parents and my younger brother were there. It was a lovely week, despite the heat, the kids refusing to sleep and more injuries Mop had. (she really is a clutz this week!!)

Daz might be going overseas for work. It's a bit scary. A week or two on my own. It's such a wonderful opportunity for him and he would be crazy not to go, but I'll miss him. I will have to take up a few projects and work like mad on them so I don't crawl into a corner, wimper and curl up in the foetal position. LOL

New Years Resolutions are:

  1. Lose 10kg by my 30th birthday. (21st December)
  2. Go walking at least 3 times a week (either out of the house or on my strider)
  3. Become Skipper again - take off my Mummy hat for an hour or so and go spend some time with my friends. Learn to socialise with adults once again!!
  4. Really get into adding more info onto Domestic Guru - aim to get that e-book written.
  5. Try 2 new recipes a week
  6. Get on top of debt and stay in control of our finances
  7. Stay on top of our home maintenance. (it would be good to finish our started projects)
  8. Socialise more as a family.

Happy New Year everyone.

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