Aug 21, 2010

Study... that stuff will blow your head off!!


Uni work has literally taken over my life at the moment. I have an average of 3 assignment due each week. Then 2 3 hour lectures each week. Not to mention all the reading I have to do. I have just ordered my Counselling Skills text books and they need to be read by October. I think I have bitten off more than I can chew - it's stressful and it's hard to stay on top of housework and parenting when I'm working my butt off on uni assignments. Mum says I need to give myself time to adjust to the extra work load. I hope I do adjust, otherwise I'm dropping a subject next year!

On the up-side, I'm really really enjoying the subjects that I'm doing and I love my lecturers. They are interesting and knowledgeable people and they make lectures really fun. I'm doing well so far in my assessments - which is always good. I'm just struggling with that extra time it takes to do the extra subjects.

I'll be ok. I hope.

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