Mar 2, 2008

Very serious instruction.

I got a new stroller the other day. And the instructions that came with it were absolutely HILLARIOUS.

I thought I would share some of the funniest ones.

1. For your child's safety must be of good belt.
Does this mean whip em if they dare budge from their seat with a belt? :)

2. The baby more than six months old should be avoided, by the use of shoulder up.

3. Reminded not to let their children out of the courthouse or legislative seats war.

Yes I'm serious. Make em sit in there untill they confess - or launch a nuclear bomb!

4. When all children, caregivers should be conducted
Can you imagine a toddler with a baton??

5. Car is not moving, the wheel must be stopped, and to avoid a dangerous slide in.

6. Click the correct use of bicycle use, to avoid any risk of the occurence.

Does it stir up a feeling of paranoia in you? Does it?

Regular checks your baby carriages, whether screw lossening, aging parts, materials and vehicle sutures ruptured, and when necessary to timely replacement and maintenance.

7. Should avoid undue influence or strong - they affect life

8. The rotating bodies to apply to remain flexible rotation.

Now I don't know about you but ruptured sutures, influence and rotating bodies just makes me a little wary on using this stroller!! LOL

There are some gems in these instructions, but unfortunately not precious enough to keep. I'm chucking em out now.

DH said it's worth buying chinese made things just so you can laugh at the crappy instructions. I wonder how they translate? Make it up as they go along? Or try to find the most whackiest sentences just to mess with our heads?? Either way, I had a good chuckle. I hope you did to.


Donna said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA that cracked me up!!! too funny!

Epiphany said...

They're gold!

nic said...

I think I read each point twice and I still couldn't understand them properly.