Sep 7, 2008


I just had the most amusing story time with E this evening. We were going through his 1000 word book in an effort to help with his talking.

We turned to the reptile page.

"LOOK MUMMY!! A Skink!!!"

"Ummm... it's actually a Komodo Dragon... but we can just say it's a HUGE skink." (I'm trying really hard not to laugh too much by this stage, I don't want him to feel self conscious.)

We get to the end of the book. And we start looking at the pictures at the front.

"Look!! A Skank!!"

I snort, then stuff my fist into my mouth.

"Yes that's a SNAKE, darling"

Oh and I love when he says strawberry...



I love reading that book with him, the way he thinks and sees the world is nothing short of fascinating.

Anyway, just thought I would share the jocularity.


Anonymous said...

Lol aren't they adorable at this age?

Sam calls the vaccum cleaner the..

'Vaccum cleanup'


Colleen said...

hahaha thats so adorable.